Traditional denim alpaca stockings

Traditional denim alpaca stockings

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Size chart:

Women: S (4-6.5), M (7-9.5), L (10+)

Men: S (3-5.5), M (6-8.5), L (9-11.5), XL (12+)

Description :

More and more people are trusting alpaca stockings, and with good reason. The fiber of this noble animal is of exceptional and unrivaled quality. The next time you're shopping for stockings, we invite you to consider the information below. The inside of the Tradition alpaca stockings is buckled under the foot; This manufacturing method is called “Terry underfoot construction”.

These stockings are ideal for outdoor activities such as snowmobiling, hiking, snowshoeing, hunting, ice fishing, board sports, outdoor skating... even for shoveling snow! The natural properties of alpaca fiber will keep your feet dry and warm. The percentage of alpaca contained in the composition of the stockings has a direct impact on the maintenance and effectiveness of the latter.

As with all products using natural raw materials, alpaca stockings may shrink when washed. We recommend that you do not use hot water to wash stockings with an alpaca percentage greater than 50%, which may cause them to felt. Be careful when using the dryer. Hot air removes all the elasticity from the stockings. You will find it difficult to put on stockings that have been machine dried. Instead, opt for cold water to wash them and let them air dry naturally. To avoid mistakes, we recommend that you never put alpaca stockings in contact with water and hot air. This way, the stockings will more easily tolerate the stress of cleaning and those that are more heat resistant will remain intact.

Generally speaking, it is not necessary to wash stockings just because they have been worn. As alpaca fiber breathes remarkably, if they don't smell bad, there is no need to wash them. Hard to believe, but true...

Our Tradition stockings are made in Quebec and of superior quality. They can be worn in shoes or boots. They do not deform, thanks to the nylon and spandex included in their production. For added durability, we reinforced the toe cap and heels.

Interview : wash in cold water and dry flat.
Composition : 80% alpaca, 18% nylon, 2% spandex.