Our history

Ma Laine Maison is a beautiful Quebec artisanal company. Composed of the mother-daughter duo, it is the passion for fiber and knitting that is at its origin.

So here is our story!

Initially passionate about knitting, Annie (my mother) quickly became interested in the different fibers used in her projects. She fell in love with alpaca, whose fiber has several beautiful properties. In 2012, the family moved to Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier in the hope of realizing their dream: owning their own alpacas in order to transform their wool. This is how it all begins!

After learning to process her wool and take care of alpacas, my mother passed her passion on to me, Isabelle, her daughter. Together, we launched our small business, which quickly grew. After a few artisan fairs, our artisanal wool (processed by hand) became a product in great demand among our knitting customers.

Our passion for knitting quickly took us further. While visiting the different stores in Quebec, we discovered hand-dyed wool. Wow, the many colors made us dream! So we took our classes to learn how to dye our wool! This is how our “Hand-dyed wool” collection began. Over the years, we have developed our product in order to obtain high quality wool. Of course, our favorite alpaca remained our common thread. In addition to a large choice of colors, we now have wool compositions that will make any knitter's dream!

To complement our wool, we now have several alpaca products for sale directly on our online store.

We are proud and happy to promote the alpaca, an animal increasingly known in Quebec. We have a beautiful herd of nearly 15 animals. Every year we hope to have beautiful births.

Nice to meet you!