Collection: Artisanal wool (processed by hand)

Hand processed wool

Ma Laine Maison is very proud to present our collection of entirely hand-processed wool! Our raw material, wool fleeces, comes from our own animals as well as from shearing done on farms in Quebec in the spring.

Here are the manufacturing steps:

1. Fleece the wool fleece: This step consists of removing all the small dirt stuck in the wool.

2. Clean the fleece: Clean the wool in hot water.

3. Carding the wool: This step involves detangling the wool, like we brush our hair.

4. Spin the wool: With a spinning wheel, we spin the wool. To make a knitting skein, we must spin at least 2 strands.

5. Dye the wool or knit it!

As you can see, the complete processing of wool from the animal takes many hours. This is why we have a limited quantity and why it is exclusive to our online store. In other words, you will not find it in wool stores in Quebec.

Each skein is UNIQUE! Being hand spun, each skein has a different weight and yardage. That being said, the price varies depending on the weight. We sell our skeins for $32/100g. To make your plans, be sure to look at the footage you need.

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