Dryer balls

Dryer balls

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Our drying balls made from 100% of our alpaca wool are handmade in Quebec. To optimize efficiency, simply put the 3 balls in the dryer, nothing could be simpler! They are known to reduce drying time and reduce static electricity. All in an ecological way!

Furthermore, our dryer balls are hypoallergenic. They easily replace fabric softener sheets. Simply add a few drops of essential oils of your choice to lightly scent your clothes.

Finally, our dryer balls have a long lifespan! Perfect for a large family! In fact, they can be used for +/- 500 loads!

In summary, here are the benefits of dryer balls:
- Reduced drying time
- Reduction of static electricity
- Hypoallergenic
- Replaces fabric softener
- +/- 500 dryings