Lagoon alpaca city socks

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Size chart:

Women: S (4-6.5), M (7-9.5), L (10+)

Men: S (3-5.5), M (6-8.5), L (9.0-11.5), XL (12+)

Description :

Alpaca fiber outperforms its competitors when it comes to body heat retention. Even for thinner stockings, alpaca stockings keep warm with their hollow fibers that trap air in your body and provide warmth and comfort to the feet. The natural properties of alpaca fiber will keep your feet dry.

Our alpaca stockings are developed and produced in Quebec, which we are extremely proud of... For greater durability, the toe tips and heels have been reinforced. These stockings are ideal for the office or for more formal outings.

Composition: 70% alpaca, 28% nylon, 2% spandex.
Care: Wash in cold water and dry flat.