Bucheron thermal socks

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Size chart:

Women: S (5-7) M (8-10) L (10 +)

Men: S (4-6) M (7-9) L (10-12)

Description :

Alpaca fiber outperforms all its competitors when it comes to body heat retention. It is exceptional for protecting you against the cold. This fiber is hollow at its center which allows it to retain the air that your body produces, like insulation in the wall of a building. Alpaca thermal stockings are buckled on the inside. This manufacturing method is called "Terry construction", it expels moisture and keeps you dry. Generally the discomfort comes from humidity. Alpaca fiber does not hold it back. You will be comfortable even in wet conditions: if you are dry, you will not be cold. Even in summer... The natural properties of alpaca fiber will keep your feet dry and warm. These stockings are ideal for outdoor activities such as snowmobiling, hiking, snowshoeing, hunting, ice fishing, board sports, outdoor skating... even for shoveling snow!

Our stockings do not deform thanks to the nylon and spandex used in production. For added durability, we also reinforced the toe cap and heels.

Care: Wash in cold water and dry flat.

Composition : 75% Alpaca, 23% Nylon, 2% Spandex